Mike Dahm Memorial Slideshow

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Mike Dahm Memorial Slideshow

Michael Siegfried Dahm passed away in his Chesapeake home on Friday, March 13, 2015. Born in Berlin, Germany on February 26, 1915, Mike was a proud American who loved his adopted country, of which he became a citizen in August of 1957.

Mike was predeceased by his treasured Eva, his wife of 71 years. He is survived by his son, Walt of Casleton, Vermont, son, Ken of Chesapeake, Virginia, six grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, one great-great-granddaughter, a nephew and two great-nephews.

Mike had celebrated his 100th birthday only two weeks prior to his passing, surrounded by family, friends and neighbors. All shared stories about his long life and remarked on his accomplishments and his experiencing a century’s worth of world events. Mike will be truly missed by all who knew him.

Produced and Edited by Danny Terry